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Peace In Turmoil

Pastor Tony Johnson and his wife Juanita started The Ministry of Challenge on Comal and E 12th in 1993 in order to help people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Tony grew up in south Dallas, and turned to selling drugs after losing his mother and grandmother. He spent 7.5 years in prison and when he got out, OD'd in an abandoned house on 12th and Comal. He woke up and swore that if he lived through this, he would dedicate his life to God. On the floor next to him was a piece of paper with the number of Pastor David Perez. Tony called the number, and Pastor Perez helped him straighten out. Tony became a pastor and later founded his mission by following a wealthy Austin businessman to his office. The two struck up a friendship, and the businessman introduced Tony to other Austinites who enabled Tony to raise enough money to start his mission. Today, the mission houses more than 300 people each year, and feeds several thousand during the holidays. He's pictured at his mission, in front of a wall painted with his favorite saying, "It's not whether you get knocked down but whether you get back up."


From ATX Squared 2017