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The Fixer

Edward Campos is the owner and operator of C&M Auto at 1217 Chicon. His dad, Manuel Campos, has owned this spot since 1977, and still runs C&M Liquors next door. Edward started his business when he was 23 years old. He remembers drugs being sold across the street, and his father getting shot for his efforts to start a business. Edwards' grandfather, Ray Velasquez, started Roy's Taxi in Austin in 1931 and became a prominent businessman in Austin. Edward's family didn't prosper from Roy's success. "My dad came to Austin to make a life for himself," Edward said. "He had nothing." Today, Edward sees a steady stream of businesses leaving and closing, and new developments being built to replace them. "The only thing to worry about today in the neighborhood," he said, "is where to find parking."


From ATX Squared 2017