I've been fascinated with photography since my parents gave me a Kodak "Handle" Instant Camera for a trip out west when I was 11 years old. My hobby became a way to make extra money during college, when I sold freelance articles and learned I could make a few extra bucks (or land additional gigs) by creating images as well as words. In 1994, I wrangled an assignment to shoot images of the Boundary Waters for the Minnesota Explorer during a family vacation. An image of my dad watching the sun rise ran on the cover and was made into a poster. I've been shooting professionally ever since.

I've shot a wide variety of subjects including travel, sports (hockey), and vehicles of all sorts. My favorite subjects are the hands-on down-to-earth folks who I believe make the world go around. I've traveled the world to photograph motorcycles, tractors, garages and cars, and even built a custom 20x40-foot studio to photograph 30 of the most valuable John Deeres in private hands. I'm particularly fond of off-the-beaten-path locations, and my camera and I have climbed the Julian Alps, explored breweries on four continents, and rode backcountry motorcycle routes in the Bolivian Amazon, the Australian Outback, and on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. My work has appeared in Men's Journal, Draft, Motorcyclist, and dozens of books and calendars.

I love traveling the world for work or pleasure, and am a passionate mountain and road cyclist. I also enjoy off-road and adventure motorcycling, cooking, reading, and eating good food with my friends and family. I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, Joan and our lab mix , Boaz.

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